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I offer Fort Lauderdale's premier Standup Paddleboard Yoga experience. You will practice on a premium Loon™ Featherlight Fit paddleboard, made specifically for yoga, with an extra grippy deck pad and ultra smooth handling. I am a highly trained E-RYT 500+ Certified Yoga Teacher, with numerous years experience, on and off the water. Our time together will include detailed paddling skills and instruction, an intelligently designed Prana Vinyasa Yoga practice, and fresh pressed organic juices to cap off our day. I supply all necessary equipment and gear, as well as extras like sun/eyeglass cords and reef & body-safe sunscreen if needed. 
Please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns. Let me know how I can best support you!

SUP Yoga. For me, this watery practice is an invitation to slow down and reconnect to the rhythm of life. Our experience in this current reality tends to be busy, hectic, and often overwhelming. On our boards we gift ourselves receptivity, ease, and steadiness amidst the ever present ebb and flow of life; the waves we ride each day.  A moment to surrender and allow everything to be exactly as it is. This practice isn’t about fancy poses, it is an opportunity to remember your divine connection to all. We recognize and embrace what the yogis call spanda, the intrinsic pulse or rhythm inherent in everything.


Seeing the water-birds, the fish jumping, the insects. The scent of the salty ocean air, sensing the breeze that caresses your skin. Hearing the song of the birds and the lapping of the waves. Feeling the powerful warmth of the sun’s rays from above, and the cooling elixir of life supporting from beneath gives rise to the remembrance that everything is intertwined - the divine thread connecting everything in this beautiful tapestry of life.


Gazing into the vastness of the beautiful blue sky ignites the innate wisdom - the knowledge that you ARE that vastness manifest in human form. A microcosm of the macrocosm. And how we perceive our world is a reflection of our inner state.


I would be honored to guide you in this remembrance for an hour or two on the water, the sacred nectar that sustains all life.

Weekly Public SUP Yoga

Join me on the gorgeous intercoastals in Fort Lauderdale, FL for an open to the public standup paddleboard class. Check back, coming soon!

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