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Ecuador Yoga Retreat

May 26th - June1st 2022

Reconnect to Restore

Experience this amazing opportunity for reconnection to our true nature of Divinity using the gifts, medicine, and patterns inherent in the natural world. An invitation to initiate exploration of your connection to nature, to remember and embody your innate wisdom within.

Our Inspiration

In times of chaos and division, we can agree that the world needs our help. The way we can best help the collective is through moving inward - by nourishing and healing our own inner landscape. When we show up in our truest, happiest, most whole self, we create a ripple effect that will inspire generational and global healing. This is how we catalyze a more beautiful and connected world. 


Come enjoy the rustic comforts at the beautiful and inspired Un Dia Boutique Resort - the brainchild and dream of two best friends who fell in love with the Playa's landscape and decided to make their dream a reality! You will find various creature comforts here - oceanside cabinas, hammocks for lounging, and WiFi available throughout the resort -  yet we want all of our yogis to get out and explore, unwind and truly escape in this little piece of paradise. 


Here, in this relaxed setting, you are invited to experience what connection to the natural world means to you on a personal level. All activities are optional, yet intentionally curated to evoke a sense of ease, playfulness, curiosity, and connection. A return to our true nature. 

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What's Included

In this sacred and nourishing landscape on the Pacific Ocean coast, you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in daily practices of yoga asana and meditation. There will be ample time for self exploration and community connection, as well as many exciting and intentionally curated practices. Every day will include a master class that offers insight about ourselves and the natural world on a deeper level.

  • Ayurveda

  • Astrology

  • Sustainability and Sacred Eco-ritual

  • Crystal Healing

  • Personal Growth and Manifestation


Other experiences available for an additional fee:

  • Private Reiki Session

  • Surf Lessons

Transportation to and from airport included, onsite pool, Tiki bar, beachside swings.

Floating in the Sea

*Early Bird Special*

$108 off full price if paid in full by Feb 1st

*Sankalpa Collective Discount*

Current students with an active monthly or yearly membership receive 10% off

(Cannot be combined w/ Early Bird)

All inclusive, 7 days/6 nights (flight not included)
Price starts at $1500 for a shared room
  • Additional $100 for a private cabina with a shared queen bed

  • Additional $200 for private cabina, shared queen + kitchen 

*First come first serve​

Payment plans available, $500 deposit due upon booking

Click here to be redirected to

Un Dia Boutique Resort's website


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This retreat is for you… 

~ If you enjoy and crave deeply nourishing yoga and meditation. You want to soak up the benefits of a daily practice in paradise alongside the beautiful Pacific coast.


~ If you are curious about Manifestation or want to expand your practice of intention and co-creation.


~ If you want to connect with like-minded souls and experience self-transformation within a community that’s lovingly supporting you.


~ If you want to be empowered within your life and your knowing. Utilize the tools and wisdom of Ayurveda and Astrology to better understand yourself and how to integrate natural currents of life into your being.


~ If you are ready and willing to go within. To learn deeper levels of yourself, and explore the outer realms of reality through tapping into the wisdom of nature, allowing yourself you be renewed by the remembrance of who you truly are, your ability to create, and your divinity.


~ If you want to learn how to surf!

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